At Lifehouse church we believe in the power of water baptism.

If you are a Christian, but not yet baptised, you are missing out! We do baptisms every month in church services or we can even arrange them in your home! Baptism services are full of joy and celebration as we celebrate new life through the power of Jesus. Its a wonderful time to invite your friends and family to come and witness your special decision.

If you are interested in being baptised, please speak to your Lifegroup leader and we can start arranging a date.




In the event of extreme weather in Hong Kong, please check the Hong Kong Observatory website to see if any weather warnings are in place.


11:30am Service
The service will be cancelled if Typhoon No. 8 or higher / Black Rainstorm signal is in effect at 8:30am or is expected to be issued between 8:30am-1pm.


Services will still take place in Typhoon 3 / Red rainstorm signals however we advise you to use your own discretion on whether it is safe to travel. If the signal is likely to be raised or you feel it is unsafe to travel we would advise you to stay at home.

For live updates on services during extreme weather, please see our Facebook page