Each week, Lifehouse Kids offers a fun and interactive kids program for children up to 12 years old. The kids program is divided into two separate age groups:

Under 3 – For Parents & Children under 3 years old.
Over 3 – For Children above 3 until 12 years old.

Online Schedule

Due to the pandemic, Lifehouse Kids is now moved to an online program! Below is the schedule for Under 3 & Over 3 Online Kids Zooms:

Under 3:
10:45am: Parents Check In
10:50am: Parents Hang Out
11:00am: Interactive songs for toddlers and a bible story!
11:30am: Watch Lifehouse Church Online Service together through the Zoom!

Over 3:
10:40am: Parents Check In
10:45am: Kids Hangout and Icebreaker Games
11:00am: Experience Lifehouse Kids Program including Worship, Bible Story & Activity/Craft Time
11:30am: Watch Lifehouse Church Online Service together through the Zoom!

Important Information for Online Kids Program:

In order to keep our Online Kids Program a safe place for everyone to join, we would like to ask you to register in advance your child’s name and age. We will then send you the URL and Password. Please email us at:

Under 3: janice.welsh (at) mylifehouse.com
Over 3: kat.yu (at) mylifehouse.com

Please also turn on the camera so we can see everyone’s faces. Lifehouse Kids leaders will control the muting of all participants. When you join, please type your child’s name and age in the name. Anyone who we cannot identify as registered may experience a delay in joining the program, as the Kids team will be required to manually check in your child.

No adult can join by themselves. For U3, please attend with your child and for O3, please assist your child with the sign-in process.